With the intention of contributing to the development of the animation industry in Brazil, Iluminuras Animation Studio was created in May 2014 from the efforts of professionals who work together for more than 10 years in various productions of animation and comics (Brazil), Monstra (Portugal) and Animasivo (Mexico), as well as exhibitions on TV Brasil, Canal Brasil and TV Cultura of Pará. In 2014, we were selected in the Audiovisual Culture Announcement, with funding from the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund and the Government of Pará, to produce 5 11-minute episodes of the Icamiabas in the Amazon City animation series, which premiered on TV Cultura do Pará in December 2017. In 2016, we were awarded PRODAV 8 / FSA to produce the Brinquedonautas animation serie, with 13 episodes of 7 minutes, in the production phase, with premier scheduled for August 2018.

Iluminuras Filmography

Admirimiriti (2005): short animation.

Viagem Astral – Astral Travel (2007): short animation.

Muragens – Crônicas de um Muro – Muragens – Chronicles of a Wall (2008): short animation.

Miriti-Miri (2010): documentary.

Nossa Senhora dos Miritis – Mother of the Miritis (2011): short animation.

Para Vler Poesia (2012): interprograms series.

Icamiabas na Amazônia de Pedra – Icamiabas in the Rock Jungle (2013): interprograms series.

Tu conheces? – Do you know? (2012): series of interprograms.

Pedaços de Pássaros – Pieces of Birds (2014): short animation.

História de Zahy – History of Zahy (2016): short animation.

Desenhando a História de Zahy – Drawing History of Zahy (2016): documentary.

Icamiabas na Cidade Amazônia – Icamiabas in the Rock Jungle (2017): animation series, 5 episodes of 11 minutes.


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